Day On the Water with Tuna Fishermen

Rod and Reel Caught Albacore Tuna

Our Tuna fishermen catch the fish one at a time using rod and reels. We are proud of the boat to table operation at Community Supported Fishery, dedicated to bringing customers the highest quality tuna in a manner that respects the fish and supports the local small business fishermen.

Interested in learning a little more about what happens out on the ocean?

The following video highlights what goes on to catch the fish that end up in a can of Community Supported Fishery Albacore Tuna. Learn about the popular fishing techniques used by the rod and reel, small boat fishing fleet. See some of the steps that the fisherman and the processors take to ensure that each fish is cooled properly to guarantee a high quality product.

Angler West TV had the privilege of going out on the water for a day of tuna fishing with Captain Dave Phillips, one of the fisherman that delivers fish at Community Supported Fishery in Garibaldi, Oregon.

Day On The Water With Tuna Fishermen

The Catch is Processed in Garibaldi, Oregon

At the start of the video, you can see the CS Fishery crane offloading the tuna onto their dock. The tuna fishermen load the fish into the box so it can be lifted from their boats to the dock. The tuna is weighed and recorded and then quickly placed into large commercial fish totes. The individual albacore tuna are layered with ice to stay cold until it is time to be prepared for market. The catch will either end up in local Portland restaurants and supermarkets as fresh tuna loins or into cans to be canned in the CS Fishery mini cannery in Garibaldi, Oregon, right next to their offloading dock. Every can of fish is made in house by CS Fishery right at the marina to guarantee an ocean fresh experience every time a can is opened.

We appreciate that the fishermen care to keep the fish looking nice and pretty, you can taste the difference!

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