Premium Oregon Albacore Tuna Fresh. Local. Sustainable.

Canned Tuna Done Right

Not Your Typical Supermarket Canned Seafood

Pole & Troll Caught

100% pole and troll caught albacore tuna. Setting the standard for sustainability.

Short Trips

Fish don’t sit on a boat for weeks on end before being processed.

Proper Processing

Fish are cared for humanely and iced to preserve freshness.

Sashimi Grade

Premium Oregon Albacore tuna loins are selected for canning.

About Oregon Albacore Tuna

Premium Albacore Caught and Processed by Oregonians
Ocean Fresh in Every Can

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch rates U.S. North Pacific Troll and Pole caught fish as a Best Choice fishery. We have chosen to work with CS Fishery as our exclusive cannery partner due to their excellence in delivering quality fish to market caught by local Oregon commercial fisherman. We believe it is important to support local family business fisherman and our proud to deliver a 100% Oregon made can of tuna. Paired with salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. and Olive Oil from Oregon Olive Mill to bring out the natural flavors. Our fish are caught using 100% dolphin safe methods using pole and line techniques that selectively harvests fish from the schools sustainably. Every fish is cared for properly from start to finish. These fish are 100% wild and natural and are an excellent source of local protein packed with healthy Omega 3’s. Order singles, six packs, or half and full cases. We ship and deliver locally in PDX.

  • 100% Oregon
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Healthy Omega 3's
  • Wild & Natural

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